Practice to make a difference.


Lighthouse Resources is a national training and consulting organisation for the human services sector. We provide a range of POSITIVE, CHANGE FOCUSSED, customised services for people and organisations working with people.

In our work the starting point is always the strengths and aspirations of workers and organisations. The additional resources we bring will complement and build on these strengths and aspirations.

Lighthouse Resources is STAFFED BY A TEAM OF HIGHLY SKILLED TRAINERS AND CONSULTANTS who have a wealth of experience in the delivery of innovative and well regarded initiatives. Our trainer/consultants have been recruited based on a proven track record in the design and delivery of work that is at a high standard of excellence. They have a wide range of experience in areas such as training, curriculum development, social research, program development, policy development and review, organisational review and strategic planning, professional supervision and development of publications.

A Social Business

Lighthouse Resources has been operating for five years and is an initiative of Kyabra Community Association Inc., based in Brisbane. We operate as a social business. All of our funds are re-invested in Kyabra's community-based projects. Lighthouse Resources grew from Kyabra's desire to support the development of strengths and other approaches in the sector.

What Shapes Our Practice

The principles and frameworks of a STRENGTHS APPROACH, SOLUTION FOCUSSED and NARRATIVE PRACTICES significantly shape all of our activities. Strengths-based practice offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to identify and evaluate what is already working well and within a culture of learning, develop sound recommendations for future practice. Recent discoveries in the fields of NEUROSCIENCE and POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY have provided new insights that inform our work.

The connection with Kyabra and close collaboration with many services and organisations continues to provide a valuable resource for refining and developing these approaches in workplace settings.