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Jean Tally

Jean Tally currently works at Kyabra Community Association focusing on early intervention activities with families and children, and managing family relationships funding.

Jean has taught in a variety of settings including as a lecturer at Edith Cowan University and Queensland University of Technology, doing community work from remote areas across Western Australia to urban communities around Australia, and internationally in Hong Kong and Spain.

She has taught and facilitated workshops to a spread of populations across many cultures and socio-economic capacities including people with a disability and ability, people with mental health issues, people in the prison system, newborn babes and mums and Masters students.

Jean holds a Masters degree in Arts, a Post Graduate teaching degree, a liberal arts degree, and a Certificate IV in Training and Education.

Jean highly values the importance and integrity of the group when facilitating, and believes we are all experts in our own lives and have great ways to share and explore new learning.