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Kyabra Connection

Kyabra is a multi-service community organisation that has been working within Brisbane's inner southern suburbs for over 30 years in fields such as community development, disability, accommodation, youth and family work.  Lighthouse Resources is an initiative of  Kyabra Community Association Inc. and provides organisational consultancy services, training and professional supervision to both community organisations and government agencies.  

Lighthouse Resources is committed to strengths-based practice which is increasingly being utilised as an approach that is characterised by identifying and building upon the strengths of individuals and organisations. Strengths-based practice offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to identify and evaluate what is already working well and within a culture of learning, develop sound recommendations for future practice.

"Strong links between Lighthouse Resources, Kyabra and other community based organisations at local, state, national and international levels provide unique opportunities to collaborate and draw from best practice across a diversity of issues from a range of service providers and practitioners. Projects are regularly peer reviewed by other consultants of Lighthouse Resources to maintain a high standard of work."