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  • A Secret Safe to Tell

    A Secret Safe to Tell

    by Naomi Hunter

    It happened when I was little, always when we were alone…but, sometimes he did things that worried me and made me feel strange on the inside…I thought games were supposed to be FUN. This is a gentle book that encourages children  to tell someone about any confusing feelings that they might be experiencing, as a way of HEALING. A book about a child who has an adult friend who makes her feel special. Sometimes a bit too special. His touching makes her frightened and confused. It is only when...

  • Beyond Anger and Violence: A Program for Women Participant Workbook

    Beyond Anger and Violence: A Program for Women Participant Workbook

    by Stephanie S. Covington

    The participant's essential guide to reflection and personal growth Beyond Anger and Violence: A Program for Women Participant Workbook is the participant's personal place for reflection, reactions, and learning, during and after management sessions. The activities inside reinforce program lessons about anger and violence, including how families, relationships, communities, and society affect one's life. In learning about the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, participants can begin to grasp a better self-understanding that will help them manage anger in a healthier, more productive manner. They'll develop new skills for communication, conflict resolution,...

  • Change Your Thinking 3rd Edition

    Change Your Thinking 3rd Edition

    by Sarah Edelman

    The bestselling practical and reassuring guide to overcoming self-defeating thoughts and behaviours, using cognitive behavioural therapy. Change your thinking is the bestselling guide to managing upsetting emotions by learning to think in a healthy and balanced way. It provides practical strategies for overcoming negative thoughts and behaviours, and taking control of emotions such as anxiety, depression, frustration, anger and guilt. It also describes techniques for enhancing self-esteem, improving communication skills and developing greater personal happiness. Change your thinking is based on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), the psychological approach used...

  • How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk

    How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk

    by Adele Faber

    *30th Anniversary Edition* *Updated with new insights from the next generation* You can stop fighting with your children! Here is the bestselling book that will give you the know-how you need to be more effective with your children—and more supportive of yourself. Enthusiastically praised by parents and professionals around the world, the down-to-earth, respectful approach of Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish makes relationships with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding. Now, in this thirtieth-anniversary edition, these award-winning experts share their latest insights and suggestions based on feedback they’ve...

  • I am Human: A book of Empathy

    I am Human: A book of Empathy

    by Susan Verde

    Embrace empathy with the instant #1 New York Times bestselling companion to I Am Love and I Am Peace! Being human means we are full of possibility. We learn, we dream, we wonder at the world around us. But we also make mistakes and can feel fearful or sad. From the bestselling team that created I Am Yoga, I Am Peace, I Am Love, and I Am One comes a hopeful celebration of the human family. I Am Human affirms that we can make good choices by acting...

  • Individual Counseling Activities for Children (K-6)

    Individual Counseling Activities for Children (K-6)

    by Youthlight

    This book features lessons; famous quotes; stories; activities and reproducible worksheets on each of the following topics: Abilities Attitudes Feelings Anger Management School Confidence Friendships Conflicts Character Development Alcohol Other Drugs Future Careers  Designed around 11 developmental topics, here are 85 ready-to-use activities to be used in one-to-one counseling with children in grades K-6.  *Reviews*: Provides a lot of various activities for individual counseling sessions that could also be utilized for groups Clear, concise, and well-organized information. Not wordy - to the point! Supplements other information and techniques. Easy...

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