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50 More Ways To Use Your Noodle

Here we go again! Teachers, facilitators, team leaders or parents - this practical book will provide you with range of games to keep your group engaged and energized! 50 More Ways to Use Your Noodle is a great addition to your tool kit because:

50 + 5 bonus games and activities: 43 on dry land, 12 on water.

Great for team building and social events

You can use your noodles all year long.

Many original activities

People (kids and adults) love noodles.

Explains how to cut your own noodles.

Instructions are easy to read.

See pictures and diagrams for each activity.

Have fun!

208 pages - 5.5" X 8.5"

Author Bio:

Chris Cavert is the director of an adventure based training program in Texas and Colorado. Chris' many years of training, study and work in physical education, group counselling and experiential exercises offer him a unique and respected ability to train others, and to develop programs that allow people to challenge themselves. Chris is known as a respected counsellor, a skilled and informative trainer, and a playful presenter

Sam Sikes is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and is co-founder of Learning Unlimited Corporation in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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50 Ways To Use Your Noodle

50 More Ways To Use Your Noodle

Author: Chris Cavert & Sam Sykes

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