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A Community of Ideas: Behind the Scenes

From the back cover: 'The last twenty years has seen the creation of a 'community of ideas' linked to narrative therapy and community work. We conceptualise our work at Dulwich Centre Publications as occurring within this 'community.' This book describes ways of linking practitioners and sharing ideas through the written word; ways of hosting conferences as community events; and ways of organising training courses for therapists that are congruent with narrative ideas. Most significantly, it contains stories of adventures from 'behind the scenes'! This book will be relevant to anyone interested in narrative therapy ideas and especially to counsellors, therapists and community workers who wish to be linked with others in this work.'

Author Bio:

Cheryl White is the Director of Dulwich Centre and the founder of Dulwich Centre Publications where she works as publisher, editor, teacher, training co-ordinator, conference host, and initiator of projects. Cheryl is the co-editor of various books. Cheryl is particularly interested in finding ways to support the work of practitioners in difficult and challenging contexts. She is the Chairperson of the Dulwich Centre Foundation which is vitally interested in the interface between narrative therapy and work with wider groups and communities.

David Denborough (PhD) works as a community practitioner, teacher and writer/editor for Dulwich Centre. Recent teaching/community assignments have included Bosnia, Rwanda, Uganda, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and a number of Aboriginal Australian communities. David’s songs in response to current social issues have received airplay throughout Australia and Canada.


A Community of Ideas: Behind the Scenes

Author: Cheryl White & David Denboroug

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