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A Practical Guide to Caring for Children and Teenagers with Attachment Difficulties

This book guides childcare professionals through attachment theory and provides techniques for caring for children with attachment difficulties.

It explains what attachment is, what different patterns of attachment look like in children and young people, how early attachment experiences affect their lives, and how this understanding can help childcare workers to develop therapeutic ways of caring. By understanding these issues, childcare workers are better equipped to help and support the troubled children they care for. This book shows how to promote recovery through secure base experiences in a therapeutic environment and provides solutions and methods to tackle challenging and problem behaviour, anger and the effects of trauma in children with attachment problems.

This essential book will be invaluable to professionals such as residential carers, social workers and foster carers who work in a therapeutic environment with vulnerable and troubled children and young people.


  • Introduction.
  • 1. Patterns of Attachment
  • 2. The Planned Environment - an organizational representation of a secure base
  • 3. Ways of Caregiving - working within the frame
  • 4. Working for Recovery - relational representation of the secure base
  • 5. Working with Conflict
  • 6. Working with Anger
  • 7. Managing Challenging Behaviour
  • 8. Changing Problem Behaviour
  • Bibliography
  • Index.

Author Bio:

Chris Taylor is Registered Manager of a residential home and a company trainer. He has specialised for twenty years in working with young people with attachment difficulties, and delivers training on the subject to foster carers, social workers and residential childcare workers.


A Practical Guide to Caring for Children and Teenagers with Attachment Difficulties

Author: Chris Taylor

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