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A Reflective Guide to Gender Identity Counselling

Counselling professionals are increasingly seeking training for working with gender variant clients. Madison-Amy Webb invites them to consider a simple truth: everyone has a gender identity, whether or not they've given it much thought. By reflecting on their own gender identity through the exercises provided, counsellors can relate to clients in new and productive ways, gaining a more nuanced understanding of the issues faced by their clients and of their own identity.

Incisive yet accessible, this unique guide shines a light on how the popular conception of gender identity came into being by looking at the social and historical influences at play. This context is then brought to life with a rich variety of case studies and excerpts from the author's own diary. Reflective exercises such as 'The Dressing Up Box' and 'Personal Meaning' will help readers develop a deeper understanding of their own gender identity, while clinical techniques offer new ways to connect with gender variant clients effectively. Essential reading for any counselling professional working with gender variant clients.


  • Acknowledgements.
  • Preface.
  • Introduction.
  • Part 1. The Genesis of Gender Variance. Glossary of Terms.
  • 1. This Diverse Planet- Biodiversity vs. gender Bigotry.
  • 2. Historical Misinterpretations, Power Shifts, & Gender Suppression.
  • 3. An Exercise 1. How was your Gender Identity Shaped?
  • 4. In Treatment 1. Excerpts from my Phenomenological Therapy Journal.
  • 5. The Jorgenson Effect.
  • 6. In Treatment 2. Excerpts from my Phenomenological Therapy Journal.
  • 7. An Exercise 2. Personal Meaning.
  • 8. The Aftershock of the Second Jorgenson Effect.
  • Part 2. Towards a Gender Positive Model of Therapy.
  • 9. Exercise 3. The Dressing Up Box.
  • 10. Understanding Gender.
  • 11. An Exercise 4. Personal Meaning
  • Part 2. 12. In Treatment 3. Excerpts from my Phenomenological Therapy Journal.
  • 13. Person Centred Theory and Gender Actualisation (Acknowledging our Beacon).
  • 14. Beginning the process of Gender Identity Enquiry.
  • 15. The Phenomenology of Transition.
  • 16. Debunking Gender- Dare we be Ourselves. References.

Author Bio:

Madison-Amy Webb (MBACP) Accred is a practising psychotherapist and also trains other mental health professionals on how to support trans people. She lives in Peterborough, UK and is a WPATH Member.


An engaging read for all mental health practitioners. Madison uniquely balances theoretical understandings of gender variance and clinical case studies along with valuable insights into the transition journey through her own personal reflection and experience.

A Reflective Guide to Gender Identity Counselling

Author: Madison-Amy Webb

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