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Additional Needs! Additional Love!

Take a walk in the shoes of 8 additional needs families as they come to terms with unchangeable circumstances – reaching goals that may have seemed impossible! Climb Mount Hillary with them as you learn, laugh and cry, and become a new being throughout your journey.

“May, you have used your words like honey and soothing balm. You have stated events so eloquently and brought healing to our family. I know that other families will be strengthened and healed through these words of wisdom. Even those who have never lived such a life! What a blessing you have been to us”

“A book of treasures to own, loan out with pride but insist on return. Full of inspirational stories about families who have needed to face life challenges through additional lifelong conditions in their children, but who faced them with determination and pride that is astounding.”

“A life altering book to own and treasure. Not easy to place down. Bound to educate you on the lives of ordinary people who have needed to meet the challenges they faced through additional needs within their children. Read, weep and laugh! Be changed forever!”

Additional Needs! Additional Love!

Author: May Shrap

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