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Anger the Ancient Warrior

A Story and Workbook with CBT Activities to Master Your Anger

Anger is a strong emotion, which can feel overwhelming. Anger the Ancient Warrior shows children how to master their anger and stop it causing unnecessary pain.

This story and workbook with CBT activities helps children aged 8-12 to understand their anger and teaches them how to live comfortably with it.

Author Bio:

Sarah Trueman and Sara Godoli. Illustrated by Dorian Cottereau.


“This book is really great because it helps you understand anger and in a fun way!” - Coco, aged 9 

“Exploring anger through the Ancient Warrior is a child-friendly and helpful way to understand this volatile and sometimes frightening emotion. In a school setting, this book will be of enormous help for children, teachers and counsellors offering an unthreatening way in to a difficult and highly personal topic. The possible solutions and suggested vocabulary could quickly become a short hand between adult and child and even help prevent outbursts by a mutual understanding of the root cause.”

Anger the Ancient Warrior

Author: Sarah Trueman

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