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Art Therapy in Private Practice: Theory, Practice and Research in Changing Contexts

As perspectives on private art therapy practice evolve, this book provides an overview of the range of approaches, clinical settings, ethical issues and professional considerations when working outside of the formal structures of publically-funded services.

An essential guide for art therapy students and experienced practitioners moving into private practice, it considers the impact of a private context on theory, practice and research. The book features contributions from art therapists with extensive experience in both private practice and public services and gives practical advice on potential difficulties, such as managing relationships with fee-paying clients, self-promotion and maintaining boundaries when practising from home.


  • Acknowledgements.
  • Foreword by Joan Woddis.
  • Foreword by Chris Wood.
  • Introduction.
  • Part I. Contexts and Collaboration.
  • 1. How Private is Private Practice? Julia Ryde.
  • 2. From Public to Private and Back: Art Therapy in the NHS and in Private Practice. Frances Walton.
  • 3. Searching for Space: Reflections on the Work of a Collaborative Arts Project in Private Practice. Andrea Heath and Catherine Stevens.
  • 4. Faith, Culture and Diversity in a London Private Practice. Hephzibah Kaplan.
  • Part II. Working with Children, Families and the Child in the Adult in Private Practice.
  • 5. 'My Parents Say that Every Minute Here Costs Money!': Working with Children and Adolescents in Art Therapy Private Practice. Nili Sigal.
  • 6. The Contribution of Infant Observation to Art Therapy in Private Practice. Stephen Radley.
  • Part III. Training and Transmission.
  • 7. Towards Private Practice: Aspects of Training and the Cycle of Learning. Themis Kyriakidou.
  • 8. Negotiating the Dynamics of Working with Trainee Art Psychotherapists. Dave Rogers.
  • Part IV. Governance and Supervision.
  • 9. Managing and Not Managing: The Limits of a Small Private Practice. Kate Rothwell.
  • 10. Knock Knock Who's There! Assessment and Risk in Private Practice. Colleen Steiner Westling.
  • 11. By Private Arrangement: Supervision in Private Practice. David Edwards.
  • 12. Self Care in Art Therapy Private Practice. James D. West.
  • 12.1. The Nature of an Art Psychotherapy Practice: Risks and Resources and the What? Where? Who? How When? And Why? of Stress.
  • 12.2. Phenomenological Tools for Ongoing Joint Assessment: A Tripartite Model of the Self as Process, the Flower Diagram and the Modality Chart.
  • Part V. Research.
  • 13. Research, Epistemology and the Fee in Art Therapy Private Practice. James D. West.
  • 13.1. The Scene of Research for Private Practitioners.
  • 13.2. Means, Methods and Methodologies in Researching ATPP.
  • 14. Painting a Picture of Art Therapy Private Practice: Data from a National Survey. Anthea Hendry. Appendix 1. ATPP Mind Map.
  • Appendix 2. BAAT PP Guidelines.
  • Appendix 3. UKCP Moments of Meeting Interview.
  • Index.

Author Bio:

James D. West is an art therapist in private practice. He is a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Art Therapy and coordinator of the BAAT Special Interest Groups for Private Practice and Addictions.


“This book describes parts of a developing social history of art therapy.” - From the foreword by Chris Wood, Programme Leader, Art Therapy Northern Programme

“A wealth of information and solid practical advice on establishing a small private practice in art therapy.” - From the foreword by Joan Woddis, Vice-President, British Association of Art Therapists


Art Therapy in Private Practice: Theory, Practice and Research in Changing Contexts

Author: James West

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