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ASD and Me Picture Book: A Visual Guide to Understanding Challenges and Strengths for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Children with ASDs often find it difficult to identify the things they find difficult and, more importantly, to recognize the things they are good at. This colourful book provides simple self-exploration tools to help children identify their strengths and begin to tackle the things they find harder. The book explores a range of common difficulties, including communication, emotional and sensory regulation, and executive functioning, encouraging children to explore their personal challenges and abilities in an engaging and positive way. Illustrated with hundreds of cartoon-style graphics and containing a wealth of fun tools, games, activities and photocopiable worksheets, this book is ideal for children with ASDs aged 7-14, and will be equally useful at home or in the class


  • Introduction
  • 1. All People are Different
  • 2. What Are your Strengths?
  • 3. An Important Strength Called Insight
  • 4. What Things are Hard for You?
  • 5. Getting Better at Thinking about Challenges
  • 6. Getting Better at Working on Challenges
  • 7. Learning Activities.

Author Bio:

Joel Shaul is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in ASDs. Through his organization, Autism Teaching Strategies, he provides workshops on social skills teaching and mental health treatment methods. He is co-creator of Ryuu social skills products, and author of numerous books.


'So often, even the smartest of children, are left floundering when it comes to self-reflection. The ability to recognize strengths and face up to challenges is essential if children are to navigate the journey from meltdown to emotional maturity. With inspired use of visuals and a linear layout, attractive to the Autism brain, Joel has provided us with just the ticket to embark on this journey.' - K.I. Al-Ghani, Specialist Advisory Teacher and author of The Red Beast: Controlling Anger in Children with Asperger Syndrome

'Joel has the ability to convey abstract concepts that would be difficult or impossible to teach our children with social and emotional challenges in any other way. His groundbreaking work, The ASD and Me Picture Book, will provide children with an opportunity to increase their self-awareness and reinforce their every effort. It's impossible to shield our children from all difficulties, but this book will empower them and teach them to stand up to challenges. This leaves them feeling esteemed instead of worthless and gives them the tools to value themselves for their inner strengths.' - Mordechai Meisels, MS, BCBA, LBA, Encore Support Services, Director


ASD and Me Picture Book: A Visual Guide to Understanding Challenges and Strengths for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Author: Joel Shaul

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