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Asperger Syndrome and Bullying: Strategies and Solutions

Bullying is a serious problem for people with Asperger Syndrome (AS), both at school and in the workplace and displaying ''different'' behaviour, such as not understanding social rules or hand-flapping, exacerbates the risk of being victimized.

Writing in an accessible, informal style, the author describes the bullying behaviour he and other individuals have experienced and the effect this has had on their lives. He outlines the reasons for bullying behaviour and the danger of persistent recurrence if it remains unchecked, as well as the critical importance of ''involving the bystander''. Nick Dubin goes on to provide a range of effective strategies to address bullies and bullying that can be applied by parents, professionals, schools, and individuals being bullied. He stresses the importance of peer intervention, empathetic teachers, and verbal self-defense, and shows how lack of support, condemning of ''tale telling,'' or even blaming the victim reinforces bullying.

This book offers individuals with AS who are being bullied the opportunity to see that they are not alone, and it is an invaluable source of advice for parents, teachers, professionals and personnel managers.


  • 1. My Own Experiences.
  • 2. Easy Targets: Children on the Autism Spectrum.
  • 3. Aspies Speak Out.
  • 4. Empowering Bystanders.
  • 5. Empowering the Bully.
  • 6. Empowering Teachers.
  • 7. Empowering Parents.
  • 8. Empowering the Victim.
  • Epilogue.
  • Index.

Author Bio

Nick Dubin was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2004. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Oakland University, a Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities from the University of Detroit Mercy, and a Specialist Degree in Psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology. Nick lives in a suburb of Detroit, MI and he regularly presents workshops on bullying.


'Combining personal life experiences and those of others along with the acumen of a researcher, Nick Dubin introduces the reader to how the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome interplay with the social environment that makes these children and adults targets of bullying. In addition to clearly depicting the extent of the irreparable harm caused by bullying, he tells us how easily to recognize and stop this destructive behaviour at the individual, in the classroom, and at school wide levels.' - Stephen M. Shore, Board of Directors of the Autism Society of America, the Asperger's Association of New England, and other related organizations.

'Not only will Asperger Syndrome and Bullying help former victims piece together the ''why''s and ''how''s of prior trauma, but educational professionals also are served well to read this book. For giving them much to choose from, Dubin meticulously outlines (and provides commentary on) every available community-based strategy and school program designed to combat those atmospheres that condone bullying. … His book is a wonderful addition to the growing literature currently investigating the environment of bullying, the culture of bullying, and the myths we once believed about it. … Asperger Syndrome and Bullying serves as a great sociological analysis, yes, but readers are provided an added layer - hearing a writer heal before our eyes.' - from the Foreword by Michael John Carley, executive director of GRASP, The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership.


Asperger Syndrome and Bullying: Strategies and Solutions

Author: Nick Dublin

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