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Beating Your Eating Disorder: A Cognitive-Behavioural Self-Help Guide for Adult Sufferers and their Carers

Do you or does someone you know, suffer from an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or a less typical set of symptoms? The most effective, evidence-based treatment for adults with eating disorders is cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). This book presents a highly effective self-help CBT programme for all eating disorders, in an accessible format. It teaches skills to sufferers and carers alike. This book is relevant to any sufferer, if:

  • You are not yet sure about whether to seek help
  • You are not sure where to find help
  • Your family doctor or others recommend that you try a self-help approach
  • You are waiting for therapy with a clinician, and want to get the best possible start to beating your eating disorder
  • Written in an accessible format - illustrated with rich vignettes and colourful analogies to provide a context for recover
  • Represents the key elements of cognitive-behavioural therapy for a range of eating disorders, enabling carers and sufferers to work togethe
  • Equally helpful for families and friends by giving them the support they need to be a powerful ally in recovery


  • Preface: read this bit first
  • Part I. Getting Started:
  • 1. Who is this book for?
  • 2. The key elements of cognitive-behavioural therapy and the self-help approach
  • 3. How to use this book
  • Part II. For the Sufferer:
  • 4. Am I making a fuss about nothing?
  • 5. Motivating yourself to treat your eating disorder
  • 6. Is now the time to act?
  • 7. Getting started with CBT
  • Part III. The CBT Self-Help Programme:
  • 8. Start here: how to use this programme
  • 9. The practical steps of CBT for your eating disorder
  • Part IV. For Carers:
  • 10. Am I to blame for the eating problem?
  • 11. What can I do to support the sufferer?
  • Part V. Transitions into More Formal Help:
  • 12. Thinking about getting more formal therapeutic help
  • 13. Starting the process of getting formal therapeutic help
  • 14. What to look for in a good CBT practitioner
  • 15. The role of carers in the transition to more formal help
  • Part VI. Letting Go of the Eating Disorder:
  • 16. The journey of recovery
  • 17. Relapse prevention
  • 18. Have I done myself permanent damage?
  • 19. Carers need to move on too
  • Conclusion: eating normally again
  • References and further reading
  • Appendices
  • Index


Glenn Waller, Institute of Psychiatry, London

Victoria Mountford, Eating Disorders Service, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

Rachel Lawson, Canterbury District Health Board

Emma Gray, The British CBT & Counselling Service

Helen Cordery, St George's Eating Disorders Service

Hendrik Hinrichsen, Sutton & Merton Psychological Therapies in Primary Care


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