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Becoming a Psychologist in Australia

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Drawn from the author’s many hours of consultation with prospective psychology students, Becoming a Psychologist provides definitive guidance to the student who seeks a career in psychology  or wishes to use the subject as a foundation for other study. It gives an overview of the various pathways that can be taken to become a professional psychologist and helps the reader to make decisions about where they want to focus their studies.

Essential reading for:

  •  secondary school students studying psychology
  •  first year undergraduate psychology students
  •  psychology undergraduate students deciding on career choices


  • 1. What is psychology?
  • 2. What your studies will involve
  • 3. Fourth year and graduate studies
  • 4. The postgraduate years
  • 5. Where to find studies in psychology
  • 6. How to be registered as a psychologist.

Author Bio:

Dr Marion Kostanski - Head of Department and school of Psychology Association. Marion is currently employed as a Senior Lecturer at Victoria University, Melbourne. She studied for her undergraduate degree as a mature-age student, and progressed from there to complete a Graduate Diploma in women's studies, a Bachelor of Education in counselling, a Master of Psychology (child and education) and a PhD, writing a thesis on the ,Genesis of Body Image Dissatisfaction in Children'. During this period of her life she worked part-time as a tutor, research assistant, counsellor and private practitioner. Her specialty area of research and practice as a psychologist is working with young people and adolescents in relation to identity development, with a particular interest in eating behaviors and body image issues


“This is a real gem of a book — a must read for anyone who is curious about what psychology is, who psychologists are, and what the pathways are for pursuing a career in psychology.” - Eleonora Gullone. (Associate Professor, School of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Psychological Medicine. Monash University)

 “I cannot recommend it highly enough to the budding psychologist as a means of gaining a clear overview of all that is required.” - Paula Teggelove (Psychologist and senior VCE psychology teacher. Melbourne)

Becoming a Psychologist in Australia

Author: Marion Kostanski

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