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Beyond Brief Counselling: An Integrative Approach 2nd Edition

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This practical text fully integrates theory and technique of brief counseling while presenting the relationship as the key to any successful intervention. All chapters include ideas and tools for brief counseling and case studies that take the reader step-by-step through the techniques of the first session and beyond. It is written to engage readers and invite them to participate in both self-exploration and discovery.

For anyone interested in the advantages of brief counseling.


  • 1. Foundations of Brief Counseling: The Fly Bottle
  • 2. The Centrality of the Counseling Relationship: No Magic Tricks
  • 3. Empathy and Caring
  • 4. Helping Clients Frame Goals: The Pull of the Future
  • 5. Facilitating and Perturbing Change: Counseling and Chaos
  • 6. Constructivist Counseling: Invented and Imposed Realities
  • 7. Narrative Counseling: Clients' Lives as Stories
  • 8. Meaningful Stories, Meaningful Lives
  • 9. Brains, Emotions, Thoughts, and Counseling: Cool Reason and Hot-Wiring
  • 10. Counseling People in Crisis: Promoting Resilience and Resolution
  • 11. The Reflecting Team, Consulting Break, and Offering Suggestions
  • 12. The "Brief Attitudes" and Consolidating Change
  • 13. Humanistic Counseling and Working With Involuntary Clients
  • 14. Other Brief Approaches and Theory as a Tool

Author Bio:

J. Edson McKee is a licensed professional counsellor who earned his doctorate at Indiana University and is professor emeritus of counsellor education at James Madison University. The recipient of national, state, and university awards, he has written books on counseling, brief therapy, and crisis intervention.

Beyond Brief Counselling: An Integrative Approach 2nd Edition

Author: Presbury, Echterling and McKee

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