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Black Duck Wisdom - Understanding Life Through the Wisdom of Ducks

This is one of the most affordable, concise self-help books on the market. From the world of ducks, Maggie Dent draws some simple life wisdom for busy people, nudging readers to see how some things in life can be changed for the better. Black Duck Wisdom is a light-hearted yet insightful read, and the best part is it can be read in one sitting in the smallest room in the house.


  • 8th Wisdom: Ducks eat when they are hungry and drink when they are thirsty. They respond to their body’s needs. There is no such thing as a fat or obese duck.
  • Humans often mistake the real needs of their body. That means that sometimes they eat when they are sad, bored, lonely or angry. These are emotional needs and not physical ones. There are many fat and obese people in our world that may be doing this.
  • Black duck wisdom – learn to understand the difference between physical and emotional needs. Don’t feed the wrong one.
  • PS just know that the world will be in a seriously bad way when you start seeing fat ducks that cannot get off the ground to fly!

Author Bio:

Maggie Dent is commonly known as Australia’s ‘queen of common-sense’, Maggie Dent is an author, educator, and parenting and resilience specialist with a particular interest in the early years and adolescence. Maggie’s experience includes teaching, counselling, and working in palliative care/funeral services and suicide prevention. Maggie is an advocate for the healthy, common-sense raising of children in order to strengthen families and communities. She is a passionate, positive voice for children of all ages.


“What's the one thing most self-improvement books have in abundance? An awful earnestness. This one's different, a little daffy you might say. Even while it dispenses insights on life and how to live it, the little book is full of that rare quality – wit” - Paul Smith, Kiwiboomers

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Black Duck Wisdom - Understanding Life Through the Wisdom of Ducks

Author: Maggie Dent

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