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Brief Gestalt Therapy

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Brief Gestalt Therapy demonstrates how the Gestalt approach can be used effectively in brief interventions with clients. Gestalt's distinctively integrative nature and emphasis on a highly co-operative working alliance, make it particularly suited to brief work.

The book sets out the basic theory and principles of Gestalt and looks at each phase of the therapeutic process from initial assessment through the beginning and middle stages to the ending of the work. It presents clear, practical strategies for therapists to follow and in particular examines:

  • - aspects of Gestalt which are especially relevant to brief work
  • - the elements of successful therapy, and
  • - ways of improving skills.

Brief Gestalt Therapy includes vignettes and detailed case studies which bring the theory alive. It will contribute much to both existing literature on Gestalt Therapy and also brief therapy, and will be invaluable to trainee and practicing Gestalt Therapists.

Author Bio:

Gaie Houston is a writer, UKCP-registered psychotherapist and senior lecturer at The Gestalt Centre, London.

Brief Gestalt Therapy

Author: Gaie Houston

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