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Friendship and Other Weapons: Group Activities to Help Young Girls Aged 5-11 to Cope with Bullying

Long before most school programs begin anti-bullying campaigns, young girls are getting a full education in social aggression. Girls as young as age five are experiencing acts of bullying, disguised as friendship, that shake the carefully laid foundations of their self-image, personal values, and beliefs about peer relationships.

This book provides educators, social workers, and counsellors with a complete, ready-to-use group curriculum that helps young girls navigate their way through the pressures and perils of friendship. Through engaging group discussions, thought-provoking activities and role-play games, girls learn about real friendship and gain new skills for confronting incidents of cruelty disguised as friendship. A supplementary section outlines useful group exercises for discussing the impact of the media and social networking sites on girls. Each session plan is accompanied by suggestions for adapting the material for different ages, a Friendship Journal girls can use for reflection and self-expression, and a Letter to Parents that explains each session's goals, along with providing suggestions for at-home skill reinforcement.


  • Introduction.
  • About this Book.
  • Session 1. Words Matter! Establishing the Ground Rules for Real Friendship.
  • Session 2. Cast Your Vote: Identifying the Values of Real Friendship.
  • Session 3. Silent Whispers: Two Rules for Stopping Gossip.
  • Session 4. The Red Flags of Girl Bullying: When Friendship is Used as a Weapon.
  • Session 5. No More Secrets: Four Rules for STANding Up to Girl Bullying.
  • Session 6. Who Am I? Exploring Personal Strengths.
  • Session 7. I Feel Connected: Finding Common Ground and Celebrating Differences.
  • Session 8. Don't Just Stand There: Three Occasions for Becoming an Ally.
  • Session 9. Standing in Your Shoes: Fostering Empathy and Cooperation in Girls.
  • Session 10. Left Out in the Cold: Understanding the Power of Social Exclusion.
  • Session 11. Sharing S.O.D.A.S. A Problem Solving Method for Girls.
  • Session 12. Writing How-To Books: Ending the Group, Maintaining the Bonds. Supplementary Activities: Preparing Girls for a Social Media World. Session I. Tame that Tune: Evaluating Music Lyrics and Video Imagery.
  • Session II. Is Seeing Really Believing? Evaluating Entertainment and Advertising Imagery.
  • Session III. 24/7 Contact: Guidelines for Texting, IM'ing, and Facebook.
  • References.
Friendship and Other Weapons: Group Activities to Help Young Girls Aged 5-11 to Cope with Bullying

Author: Signe Whitson

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