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Change your Questions change your life

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life is a quick-read business and relationship fable about executive coaching and inquiring leadership that illustrates the unique power of asking the best kinds of questions for the most desirable result that people want in their professional and personal lives.

You'll learn what kinds of questions help (or hinder) your chances for success, satisfaction, and even breakthroughs. Now available in over 14 languages, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life outlines simple, practical and powerful questioning tools for new thinking, possibilities and results. It includes a workbook of Question-Thinking tools and practices.

In this extensively revised third edition, Adams has made her quick-read story even more illuminating and helpful, and has added two powerful new tools that show how working with the Judger/Learner mindset can dramatically improve coaching and leadership. This entertaining, enlightening step-by-step guide has what you need to transform your life, personally and professionally.

Author Bio:

Marilee G. Adams Ph.D. is the leading expert on Question Thinking™. A dedicated educator, coach, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker, she is an adjunct professor at American University, School of Public Affairs, teaching in the Key Executive Leadership Program. She has also been a guest lecturer at Teachers College at Columbia University, USA and teaches the Learner Mindset System in a wide variety of organizational, educational, and public settings. Her workshops and conferences have attracted educators from throughout the United States as well as from Canada, mainland China and Singapore.

Marshall Goldsmith is the million-selling author or editor of 31 books.

Change your Questions change your life

Author: Marilee Adams

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