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Child-Centered Play Therapy: A Practical Guide to Developing Therapeutic Relationships with Children

The practice of play therapy has experienced a remarkable period of growth since the 1980s. Yet, currently there is no reference available covering the widely researched and implemented work of Louise Guerney, a founding figure in child-centered play therapy. Complete with a foreword from Dr. Guerney, this approachable, skills-based text is filled with case studies, learning activities and objectives, and classroom exercises. With extensive coverage of play therapy application, such as setting goals and treatment planning, this book is a welcome resource for school psychologists, play therapists, and students.


  • Foreword (Louise F. Guerney).
  • Preface.
  • Acknowledgments.
  • Chapter 1 Introduction: The Child-Centered Approach, Student and Practitioner Approaches to Learning, and Our Approach to Teaching.
  • Chapter 2 CCPT in Context: Key Concepts From Child Development and Principles of Human Change.
  • Chapter 3 The Ideal Therapist Qualities: Deep Empathy, Unconditional Positive Regard, and Genuineness.
  • Chapter 4 The Eight Principles in Child-Centered Play Therapy.
  • Chapter 5 Preparing Your Setting for Providing Child-Centered Play Therapy.
  • Chapter 6 The Two Core Therapist Skills: Tracking and Empathic Responding.
  • Chapter 7 Creating an Optimum Environment for Therapy Through Structuring and Limit Setting.
  • Chapter 8 Responding to Questions, Requests for Help, and Commands.
  • Chapter 9 Role-Play: The Therapeutic Value of Taking Part in Dramatic or Pretend Play During Child-Centered Play Therapy Sessions.
  • Chapter 10 Recognizing Stages: Understanding the Therapy Process and Evaluating Children's Internal Progress.
  • Chapter 11 Helping Parents, Teachers, and Principals Understand and Support the Child's Work in Play Therapy.
  • Chapter 12 Goals, Treatment Planning, Reporting, and Evaluating Progress.
  • Chapter 13 Filial Therapy: Involving Parents and Caregivers in Child-Centered Play Sessions With Their Children.
  • Chapter 14 Helping Children Capitalize on Gains Made in CCPT.
  • Chapter 15 Reaching Diverse Clients with the Child-Centered Approach.
  • Chapter 16 Legal and Ethical Issues From a Child-Centered Perspective.
  • Chapter 17 Your Ongoing Development.
  • Skills Support Resources.
  • Special Reference List for Chapter Opening Quotes.
  • References.
  • Name Index.
  • Subject Index.

Author Bio:

Nancy H. Cochran, MA, CAS, LMHC, has over twenty years of experience serving children, youth, and families in school and agency settings as a child-centered play therapist and school psychologist. She is certified as a Child-Centered Play Therapy Supervisor by the National Institute for Relationship Enhancement and teaches child-centered play therapy at the University of Tennessee.

William J. Nordling, PhD, LP, RPT-S, is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences in Arlington, Virginia, where he teaches and supervises child-centered play therapy. He was the 2010 President of the Association for Play Therapy.

Jeff L. Cochran, PhD, NCC, LMHC, is an Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee where he teaches, researches, and supervises child-centered play therapy, and serves as Coordinator of the Mental Health Counseling Program.

Hard Cover Book.

Child-Centered Play Therapy: A Practical Guide to Developing Therapeutic Relationships with Children

Author: N. Cochran, W. Nordling, J. Co

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