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Child-Centred Foster Care: A Rights-Based Model for Practice

Fostering is vitally important: the majority of looked after children are fostered, yet these children are often left out of the agenda and their voices are not heard.

This book sets out a child-centred approach to foster care which argues against thinking about children purely from a psychological perspective and instead places children's views, rights and needs at the centre of care. It sets out the theory behind working in partnership with children who are fostered, and discusses children's views about fostering systems and living with foster carers. The book then outlines how to put the theory into practice, offering models, processes and best practice examples. Practical advice is given on establishing effective communication and good working relationships between practitioners, carers and foster children.

This insightful book aims to promote better services and outcomes for fostered children, and will be essential reading for social work practitioners and students


  • Introduction
  • Part 1. Setting out the Terrain.
  • 1. Introducing the Contexts of Fostering.
  • 2. Theory and Statutory Frameworks.
  • 3. Fostering Research.
  • 4. Children and Young People’s Views About Being Fostered.
  • Part 2. Setting out the Evidence Base.
  • 5. A Recent Study About Children Moving into Foster Homes.
  • 6. Children's Views about Living with Foster Carers.
  • 7. Children’s Views About Fostering Systems.
  • Part 3. Putting Children’s Views into Practice.
  • 8. Best Practice.
  • 9. How to Communicate with Children who are Fostered, Including Advocacy.
  • 10. Participation.
  • 11. Selecting Carers.
  • 12. Conclusion: Joined-up Service Provision Towards Better Outcomes for Foster Children.
  • References.
  • Index.

Author Bio:

Annabel Goodyer is Principal Lecturer for Social Work, London South Bank University, UK. She is a qualified social worker and has many years' experience working with children and families.

Child-Centred Foster Care: A Rights-Based Model for Practice

Author: Annabel Goodyer

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