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Child Protection in the Early Years: A Practical Guide

This accessible guide shows early years professionals how to create safe, supportive environments for young children who have encountered adverse childhood experiences. Explaining the impact of trauma on young brains, it gives practical instructions on how to recognise and respond to abuse. These instructions are supported by exercises, case studies, and reflection points that help you identify and improve your methods. Current legislation, policy and procedure are clarified in clear, concise language, providing you with everything you'll need to work with your team towards a happier, safer future for the children in your care.

Suitable for: Early year’s professionals working in preschools, nurseries, family centres and schools; social workers; students in these fields.


  • Introduction.
  • 1. Identifying and Responding to Child Abuse.
  • 2. The Importance of Understanding Child Abuse for Early Years Practice.
  • 3. An Introduction to Attachment Theory.
  • 4. The Impact of Child Abuse and Adverse Childhood Experiences.
  • 5. Legislation, Policy and Procedures.
  • 6. Working with Others.
  • 7. Creating the Right Environment.
  • 8. Reflecting on Learning and Practice.
  • Glossary of terms.
  • Appendices. Index.

Author Bio:

Dr Eunice Lumsden is the Head of Early Years at the University of Northampton, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a registered social worker. Her research interests include the professionalization of the ECEC workforce, child maltreatment, poverty and adoption. Eunice has been on the external reference groups for Early Years Professional Status and Early Years Teacher Status standards. She has advised on workforce development for the French Administration in Belgium, UNICEF in Turkey, Save the Children, the International Step by Step Association and Camden Borough Council.


This book will prove a valuable resource in providing those working in ECEC with the knowledge and guidance to help them take full advantage of their skills and understanding in order to safeguard children.' - From the foreword by Dr Celia Doyle, author of 'Working with Abused Children: Focus on the Child'

'Dr Lumsden's Child Protection in the Early Years is a timely addition to resources in the industry. Lumsden has used her expertise as a social worker and university lecturer to share her unique knowledge in this ground-breaking book. It is a useful reference point and a must-read for those looking to support professional development within the Early Years and education sectors.' - Laura Henry, award-winning international Early Years consultant, trainer and writer

'Lumsden's book is a valuable addition which will help to demystify the complexities surrounding safeguarding and child protection. From the outset, the purpose of this book is clearly articulated and the content is accessible at the same time as being challenging. The reader is guided in understanding the theory underpinning safeguarding practice by the use of helpful and interesting case studies. The content addresses the different legislation of the four nations of the UK. I am confident that engaging with the content in this book will be empowering for practitioners and emerging practitioners because the knowledge and learning will build confidence in developing good practice in this sensitive area. I really enjoyed reading it and highly recommend that all professionals who have responsibility for children's welfare engage with this important book.' - Dr Jackie Musgrave, Programme Lead for Early Childhood at The Open University

'This book provides unique insights into how practitioners should protect young children drawing upon key theoretical and practice principles. The author identifies newer and more perverse forms of abuse affecting some children in their early childhood and proposes ways of working that are evidence informed and have the best interests of children at the fore. This is an essential text for students from a range of professional backgrounds with an interest in enhancing their practice with young children and their families and the use of practice points and exercises bring the books contents to life.' - Dr Prospera Tedam, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Child Protection in the Early Years: A Practical Guide

Author: Eunice Lumsden

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