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Child Protection: The Essential Guide

For teachers and other professionals whose work involves children

Professor Freda Briggs has done it again, as she provides the most comprehensive guide to child abuse and child protection and information needed by people whose work involves children. Briggs is truly dedicated to providing a better understanding of how to keep children safe, report signs of abuse, support victims and their non-offending parents, assist in bringing about justice for victims and change societal attitudes. Her expertise, dedication and passion show in this, her 20th book.

The book covers all non-medical topics relating to child abuse, neglect and the ways in which abuse can be prevented and managed. It should be compulsory reading for all those working with children, especially in schools, out-of-home care, counselling, police, the legal system and family services. Briggs has included issues not previously tackled in earlier child protection publications such as the safety of students on overseas exchanges, sports and choir trips away from home. She looks closely at the strategies of child sex offenders and how they manipulate the adults responsible for children’s safety as well as child victims.

As well as providing the signs and symptoms of all forms of child maltreatment, this book explains the common effects on children from the time that abuse begins through to adulthood. She includes the now common problem of young children exhibiting inappropriate sexual behaviours and relates the various types of abuse to the different ways in which children, teens and adults respond.

Child abuse and neglect continue to be prevalent, leaving children emotionally, sexually and physically scarred, often for life. The cost to the taxpayer amounts to billions of dollars each year. This guide will help to educate teachers, social workers, counsellors and other child related professionals to recognise, report, support and treat those who have been abused and neglected. It will also enable those in the legal system to have a better understanding of victims and what is in their “best interests”.

The book is endorsed by former Supreme Court Judge Robyn Layton, Professor of Law Rick Sarre, former CEO of children’s services Sue Vardon and patron of victim support, Ita Buttrose.

Professor Chris Goddard of Child Abuse Prevention Research at Australia’s Monash University says “Children who have been assaulted or neglected need advocates. There are few more passionate advocates than Professor Freda Briggs. For many children school is there only place for safety. This book is an invaluable resource for teachers and should be in every school, every Education Department and childcare centre”.

Child Protection is the perfect guide detailing real cases of child abuse and neglect; it is a valuable book that spreads the word of child abuse and its effects. Briggs gets the message out so that positive action can be taken by readers in this supposedly enlightened age.

Author Bio:

Professor Freda Briggs, AO and former Senior Australian of the Year has had many roles; these include child protection officer with London’s Metropolitan Police, social worker, educator, author, scholar and consultant to governments. Through her dedication and passion she has worked towards her vision of providing a safer and more caring world for children.

She returned to study and became one of the first mature aged students to be accepted at Warwick then Sheffield University where she studied education and sociology and became a teacher in schools catering for the disadvantaged. In 2009 she received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Sheffield for her seminal research and publications in this field.

Briggs’ previous experience working in the child protection field underscored the importance of training educators, police and other professionals to identify and support children who were being abused and neglected. As Dean of Early Childhood and Family Studies in South Australia she introduced the world’s first multi-professional course in child protection (1980).

Her international work with abused, neglected and disadvantaged children and their families has made her the recipient of many awards such as the Inaugural Australian Humanitarian Award, the ANZAC Fellowship Award, the Jean Denton Memorial Fellowship, the Creswick Fellowship Award, Rotary International’s award and more. In recognition of her work, the previous federal government provided an endowment of $10 million for the University of South Australia to create a national child protection research centre.

Child Protection: The Essential Guide

Author: Freda Briggs AO

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