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Child's Mind: Mindfulness practices to help our children be more focused, calm, and relaxed

A perfect book for adults and children looking to find more peace and quiet in their daily lives. Psychotherapist Dr. Christopher Willard provides an overview of mindfulness and meditation techniques, with clear and detailed exercises designed for lesson plans, individuals and groups. The personal stories included demonstrate the ability of mindfulness to empower children and adolescents. Child's Mind is an invaluable resource for teaching our children that confidence and power comes from the ability to be aware of and comfortable with ourselves and our surroundings.


  • An Invitation
  • Planting Seeds
  • Chapter 1: introduction to mindfulness meditation
  • Chapter 2: Meditation basics
  • Chapter 3: Practicing with children
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Chapter 4: Core mindfulness practices with children
  • Chapter 5: Practices for mental clarity and creativity
  • Chapter 6: Practices for physical health
  • Chapter 7: Practices for mental and emotional well being
  • Chapter 8: Practices for positive choices
  • Conclusion: Growing the Forest
  • Lesson plans
  • Resources
  • Acknowledgements

 Author Bio:

Christopher Willard's research and teaching experience includes practicing mindfulness exercises with young children, teenagers, recently-paroled prisoners, and therapists. A psychotherapist at Tufts University, he lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Review: An important contribution toward making the practice of meditation an integral part of the school curriculum and, more generally, toward raising healthier, happier children.— Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D., author of Happier

Child's Mind: Mindfulness practices to help our children be more focused, calm, and relaxed

Author: Christopher Willard

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