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Coaching for Resilience: A Practical Guide to Using Positive Psychology

A recent report for the CIPD indicated that stress is now the more common cause of long-term sick leave in the UK for the first time ever. Demanding workloads and lack of job security are key stress factors, but in a tough, highly competitive environment these stressors are no longer avoidable. But you can learn how to cope with the stress effectively. Coaching for Resilience is your practical guide to the principles of positive psychology. Using tried and tested techniques it will show you how to motivate and inspire your clients and yourself to build greater resilience. There are clear explanations of the principles of positive psychology throughout, with practical exercises and examples for ease of understanding. This comprehensive resource will help you develop a clear understanding of the psychology of stress and develop your own strategies to enhance resilience.


  • Introduction
  • Section - ONE: Essential foundations for lasting resilience
  • Chapter - 01: Defining 'resilience' and 'stress'
  • Chapter - 02: The science bit
  • Chapter - 03: The effects of modern-day chronic stress
  • Chapter - 04: Managing stress to build resilience
  • Chapter - 05: What you already know
  • Section - TWO: The 7 KEYS
  • Chapter - 06: KEY 1
  • Chapter - 07: KEY 2
  • Chapter - 08: KEY 3
  • Chapter - 09: KEY 4
  • Chapter - 10: KEY 5
  • Chapter - 11: KEY 6
  • Chapter - 12: KEY 7

Author Bio:

Adrienne Green has practised for many years as a psychotherapist and psychotherapy supervisor within both private and National Health mental health care services. In particular she has worked with people suffering with severe stress, anxiety and depression, and has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of mental health. Adrienne has lectured at Lancaster University in theories of counselling and psychotherapy, and in a variety of topics in the area of professional and personal development.

John Humphrey was formerly head of the Employment Risk Consulting practice of Marsh UK, and advises many leading employers on health and employment issues. He has run the healthcare functions of Procter and Gamble and the Beecham Group. Together with Lord Robens he founded BMI Occupational Health. John was the founding Managing Director of Minerva Health Management and the Chairman of Marsh Health.


''By working through the 'Keys' in Coaching for Resilience you will equip yourself to deal with all of life's challenges. Keep it with you.'' - Peter Davidson, Chairman South Tyneside NHS Trust

''Adrienne has helped me to understand myself more, develop my inner strength, identify and appreciate my own abilities and provided me with the skills and techniques I needed to enhance my working relationships with others.'' - Joan Didier, Deputy Head Teacher

''It has made me challenge my outlook in a way that I have never had the tools to do before, despite reading numerous books on the subject.'' - Tim Styles


Coaching for Resilience: A Practical Guide to Using Positive Psychology

Author: Adrienne Green, John Humphrey

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