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Collaborative Brief Therapy with Children

In this engaging guide, Matthew Selekman presents cutting-edge strategies for helping children & their families overcome a wide range of emotional & behavioural challenges. Vivid case material illustrates how to engage clients rapidly & implement interventions that elicit their strengths. Integrating concepts & tools from a variety of therapeutic traditions, Selekman describes creative applications of interviewing, family art & play, postmodern & narrative techniques, and positive psychology. He highlights ways to promote spontaneity, fun, & new possibilities-especially with clients who feel stuck in longstanding difficulties & entrenched patterns of interaction. The book updates & refines the approach originally presented in Selekman's acclaimed Solution-Focused Therapy with Children


  • 1. Expanding the Possibilities: A Collaborative Strengths-Based Brief Therapy Approach with Children
  • 2. The Collaborative Strengths-Based Family Assessment Session
  • 3. Interviewing for Change: Co-Creating Compelling Future Realities with Children and Their Families
  • 4. Finding Fit: Guidelines for Therapeutic Experiment Design, Selection, and Implementation
  • 5. Curious George Meets Dr. Seuss: Family Play and Art Therapy Strategies
  • 6. Bringing Out the Best in Children: A Solution-Oriented Parenting Approach
  • 7. Optimizing Therapeutic Cooperation in the Second and Subsequent Sessions
  • 8. Co-Constructing Change: Hosting Collaborative Meetings with Allies from Larger Systems
  • 9. Collaborating Successfully with School Professionals
  • 10. Establishing Successful Family-Oriented Primary Care Partnerships with Pediatricians
  • 11. From Therapeutic Black Holes to Possibilities: Resolving Complex Child Treatment Dilemmas
  • 12. Collaborative Strengths-Based Brief Therapy and Beyond: Major Themes and Implications for the Future

Author Bio:

Matthew D. Selekman, MSW, is a family therapist and addictions counsellor in private practice and the co-director of Partners for Collaborative Solutions, an international family therapy training and consulting firm in Evanston, Illinois. He is an Approved Supervisor with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Mr. Selekman received the Walter S. Rosenberry Award in 1999, 2000, and 2006 from The Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado, for significant contributions to the fields of psychiatry and the behavioural sciences. He has published numerous family therapy articles and five professional books. Mr. Selekman has presented workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Australia on his collaborative, strengths-based brief therapy approach with challenging children and adolescents.

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Collaborative Brief Therapy with Children

Author: Matthew D. Selekman

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