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Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families

Woven throughout this title are Solution Focused, Strengths Based and Narrative Therapy approaches to working with families who have not been well served by traditional mental health, social service, and medical systems. Critically examining many professional assumptions about difficult families, the book outlines clinical practices that facilitate a respectful, constructive, and effective therapeutic relationship.

Highlighted are ways to:

  • Engage reluctant clients
  • Conduct nonpathologizing assessments
  • Help families develop communities of support.

Of crucial importance, the author proposes that therapists move away from trying to identify and correct old problems. He focuses instead on how to support clients in envisioning desired futures and developing new lives. Including a wealth of compelling clinical material, the book raises important theoretical and political questions without becoming moralistic and promotes a strengths based focus without romanticizing families or minimizing their difficulties.

Once in a long while is a book written with the power and potential to influence clinical practice in profound and positive ways... Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families is such a contribution ... Madsen proposes a framework for assessment that meets the needs of managed care by being goal-directed and outcome-oriented while maintaining a collaborative and resource-based stance. Highly recommended for family therapy courses as well as for therapists in community agencies.

Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families

Author: William C. Madsen

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