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  • Group Exercises for Addiciton Counseling

    Group Exercises for Addiciton Counseling

    by Geri Miller

    *This publication is a "Print to order": printing & delivery usually take 2 – 3 weeks* Created to meet the unique needs of addiction professionals, this practical resource offers suggestions for effectively using activities in groups. It addresses common issues counselors frequently need to discuss with clients and provides an array of "tried and true" techniques and exercises designed to help clients develop interpersonal relationship skills and the individual awareness needed to make responsible choices. * Contents: * Acknowledgments xiii 1  u Introduction 1 Personal Reflections 1 Main Section Points 2 Overview 3...

  • Handbook of Multicultural Counseling Competencies

    Handbook of Multicultural Counseling Competencies

    by Jennifer A. Erickson Cornish

    Each individual belongs to and identifies with a number of identities, including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other cultural dimensions. This book helps professional counsellors to identify and develop the specific competencies necessary to work effectively with an increasingly diverse population, covering important topics such as immigration, size, social class, language, disability, and sexual orientation. Coverage of topics reflects the current, broader view of multiculturalism and promotes an attitude of awareness. Tailored to contemporary practice and training requirements, professional counsellors and therapists will benefit from this timely book. *Contents*: Foreword (Derald Wing...

  • Kite of Life: From intergenerational conflict to intergenerational alliance

    Kite of Life: From intergenerational conflict to intergenerational alliance

    by David Denborough

    Intergenerational conflict brings with it significant challenges, conflict can be especially complex in refugee and migrant communities, where old and young people alike have to negotiate the ways of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ countries. Sometimes, these challenges can lead to seemingly intractable and irresolvable differences. This publication introduces a new collective narrative methodology, the Kite of Life, which was developed during a project in St James Town, Canada’s most densely populated community. Also described here are nine key principles which can help to build intergenerational alliances. *Contents:* *Part 1:* The Kite...

  • Knowing our Place

    Knowing our Place

    by Judith Gill

    Knowing our place examines the way in which children view their world. It poses questions of citizenship and how children come to a sense of belonging in their community of nation, family, classroom and school. This book describes and analyses the responses of more than 400 young Australians to a series of open-ended questions about belonging, identity and social and political power.  While the fundamental aim of the book is to identify and describe aspects of children's thinking as they grapple with their developing sense of being in the...

  • Male Voices: Stories of Boys Learning Through Making Music

    Male Voices: Stories of Boys Learning Through Making Music

    by Scott D Harrison

    Male Voices is filled with stories of boys and men participating in the creation of music. It brings together leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of music from the conductor of the award-winning, mould-breaking Birralee Blokes, Paul Holley, who comments on the phenomenal success of his choir, through to internationally recognised scholars, Dr Scott Harrison and Dr Bob Smith, who bring research into adolescent participation and indigenous music-making respectively. This book offers a variety of viewpoints. Academics help to position the study of male engagement in music throughout the life...

  • Once Upon a Group

    Once Upon a Group

    by Maggie Kindred, Michael Kindre

    Groups are a universal phenomenon, but their dynamics, make-up and customs can vary widely – a group can be anything from a family to a sports club. Having a good understanding of how groups work can make them more effective, enriching and fun.  Once Upon A Group is a short, light-hearted guide to groupwork, providing an easily-digestible way of understanding group dynamics, the practicalities of running a group, and how to participate in one. It covers how and where to set up a group, including the type of room...

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