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Community Mental Health: Challenges for the 21st Century, Second Edition

The first edition of Community Mental Health quickly established itself as one of the most comprehensive and timely books about mental health practice in community settings. Readers will find that this new edition is also on the leading edge of the field, providing the most up-to-date research and treatment models in the field.

Experts from a wide range of professions – social work, nursing, psychology, psychiatry, public health, sociology, and law – explore the major trends, best practices, and policy issues shaping community mental health services today. Coverage of each topic shifts the focus from management to recovery in the treatment of chronically mentally ill patients. Coverage of organizational and policy issues gives students a head start on mastering the overarching factors that shape their field

This book offers the greatest breadth of coverage available, including hot-button topics like the following:

  • Evidence-based treatments
  • Neuropsychiatric perspectives
  • Diversity
  • Substance abuse

New chapters cover a variety of special populations, which ensures students are prepared to work with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Returning veterans
  • Military families and families of the mentally ill
  • People affected by the "Great Recession"
  • Teenagers
  • Children
  • The homeless

Students preparing to become mental health professionals, practitioners in community mental health settings, and policy planners and advocates engaged in the evaluation and development of programs in the human services will find this text to be an invaluable resource in their training and work.

A collection of supplemental resources are available online to benefit both instructors and students. Instructors will find PowerPoint slides and test banks to aid in conducting their courses, and students can access a library of helpful learning activities, suggested readings and resources, and a glossary of important terms.


Part I: From Stigma to

Part II: Emerging Trends in Community Mental Health

Section III: Community Mental Health across the Life Cycle

Section IV: Diversity and Community Mental

Section V: Best Practices in Community Mental Health

Section VI: Community Mental Health - Organizational and Policy


Author Bio:

Jessica Rosenberg is Associate Professor of Social Work at Long Island University.

Samuel J. Rosenberg is Dean of the School of Social Science and Human Services and Professor of Social Work and Sociology at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Community Mental Health: Challenges for the 21st Century, Second Edition

Author: Jessica Rosenberg, Samuel Rose

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