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Community Mental Health: Challenges for the 21st Century, Third Edition

The newest edition of Community Mental Health continues to be at the leading edge of the field, providing the most up-to-date research and treatment models that encompass practice in community settings. Experts from a wide range of fields explore the major trends, best practices, and policy issues shaping community mental health services today. New sections address the role of spirituality, veterans and the military, family treatment, and emerging new movements. An expanded view of recovery ensures that a thorough conversation about intersectionality and identity runs throughout the book


  • List of Contributors About the Authors Preface Samuel J. Rosenberg and Jessica Rosenberg
  • Part One: Recovery and Beyond
  • 1. The Recovery Model and the Citizenship: Taking the Next Steps W. Patrick Sullivan and Vincent R. Starnino
  • 2. Mad Resistance/Mad Alternatives: Democratizing Mental Health Care Jeremy Andersen, Ed Altwise, Jonah Bossewitch, Celia Brown, Kermit Cole, Sera Davidow, Sascha Altman DuBrul, Eric Friedland-Kays, Gelini Fontaine, Will Hall, Chris Hansen, Bradley Lewis, Audre Lorde Project, Maryse Mitchell-Brody, Jacks McNamara, Gina Nikkel, Pablo Sadler, David Stark, Adaku Utah, Agustina Vidal, and Cheyenna Layne Weber
  • 3. Spirituality and Recovery Vincent R. Starnino
  • Part Two: Emerging Community Mental Health Challenges
  • 4. The Challenges Posed by the Mental Health Needs of Today’s Military Service Members and Veterans Kari L. Fletcher, Mariann Mankowski, and David L. Albright
  • 5. The Asylum, The Prison, and the Future of Community Mental Health Terry A. Kupers
  • 6. Suicide: America’s Grim Bellwether Jeanene Harlick
  • Part Three: Community Mental Health and The PsychoSocial Environment
  • 7. Meeting the Mental Health Challenges of the Elder Boom Michael B. Friedman, Paul S. Nestadt, Lisa Furst, and Kimberly A. Williams
  • 8. Examining Four Major Vulnerabilities Faced by Families Melody Hyppolite
  • 9. Mental Illness and the Media Elizabeth E. McGinty
  • Part Four: Access to Community Mental Health
  • 10. Community Mental Health Disparities Facing the LGBT Community: Needs and Solutions Eileen Klein
  • 11. Structural Competence in a World Other than One's Own Samuel J. Rosenberg
  • 12. Interrogating Insight and Coercive Care for People with Psychosis: Situated Perspectives from the Front Lines Irene M. Hurford and Nev Jones
  • Part Five: Best Practices in Community Mental Health
  • 13. Co-occurring Substance Use And Mental Health Disorders from a Social Justice Perspective Stephanie Sarabia
  • 14. Neuropsychiatric Perspectives on Community Mental Health: Theory and Practice William H. Wilson
  • 15. Family Psychoeducation in the Treatment of Mental Illness: Historical Context, Current Practice, and Future Directions Sarah Lynch, Nelma Mason, and William McFarlane
  • Part Six: Community Mental Health: Societal Trends and Policy Issues
  • 16. Intersecting Inequality and Economic Justice in Mental Health: Implications for Community Mental Health Practitioners Jessica K. Camp
  • 17. Mental Health Care in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Era: Harnessing the Power Of Communities Angela Wangari Walter, Linda Sprague Martinez, and Luz Marilis López
  • 18. Political Economy and Neoliberalism: Their Influence on Community Mental Health Practice, Research, and Policy Carl I. Cohen and Michael M. Reinhard
  • Glossary


Samuel J. Rosenberg, PhD, LCSW, is Professor of Social Work and Sociology at Ramapo College.

Jessica Rosenberg, PhD, LCSW, is Professor of Social Work at LIU-Brooklyn.

Community Mental Health: Challenges for the 21st Century, Third Edition

Author: Jessica Rosenberg, Samuel Rose

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