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Counselling Skills: A Practical Guide For Counsellors And Helping Professionals

This bestselling book is designed to help counselling trainees acquire and develop the skills and techniques needed to have therapeutic impact with their clients. It also provides those in the helping professions with an easy-to-follow model of 'embedded counselling' that provides tools and strategies for offering counselling relationships within a diversity of work settings.

The new edition is thoroughly revised and features nine new chapters, addressing such topics as: an A-Z of practical counselling skills, dealing with difficult relationships, issues caused by cultural diversity or life transitions, and issues in loss and bereavement.

The book also covers:

  • Key counselling skills such as caring, listening, questioning and reframing, reflection, attunement to a client, challenging and giving advice
  • Building a counselling relationship
  • Developing understanding of clients' issues
  • Resolving difficult feelings and emotions
  • Ethical principles of counselling practice
  • Working together to change behaviour

Counselling Skills, 2nd edition is packed with exercises and information on recent studies, to help readers relate theory to their own practice. Written in an accessible, engaging style, with numerous case examples, this book is suitable for students taking courses or modules in counselling skills, counsellors in training, and any professionals who may provide counselling support within their roles, including teachers, doctors, community workers, social workers and nurses.


  • Preface
  • An invitation to counselling
  • A model of embedded counselling
  • Counselling skills: basic building blocks of embedded practice
  • An A-Z of counselling skills
  • The counselling menu: goals, tasks and methods
  • Negotiating organizational realities
  • Ethical principles for embedded counselling
  • Working collaboratively: building a counselling relationship
  • Exploring issues to make meaning and develop understanding
  • Making sense of a specific problematic reaction
  • Resolving difficult feelings and emotions
  • Working together to change behaviour
  • Problem-solving, planning and decision-making
  • Finding, analysing and acting on information
  • Undoing self-criticism and enhancing self-care
  • Negotiating life transitions
  • Dealing with difficult relationships
  • Coming to terms with bereavement and loss
  • Dealing with difficult situations in counselling
  • Taking account of cultural diversity
  • Putting it all together: using supervision and consultation to do good work
  • References
  • Index


"For anyone in a caring, facilitative or managing role, Counselling Skills provides a uniquely comprehensive, accessible and practical guide to interpersonal helping. It introduces a way of working that is both focused and personalised: tailored to an individual client's specific goals and preferences. The book will be invaluable to anyone who wants to help others deal with their problems." - Mick Cooper, University of Strathclyde, UK

"Not everyone possesses the skills required to ensure that professional communication is compassionate and supportive, but the skills can be learned and this book on Counselling Skills provides just the resource needed. Its authors have the experience as practitioners and teachers to imbue the text with wisdom derived from life, academia and counselling. The book is carefully crafted and beautifully written; it includes exercises and examples that enhance learning; it is comprehensive and completely relevant for anyone who seeks to use counselling skills competently in their work." - Professor Sue Wheeler, University of Leicester, UK

Counselling Skills: A Practical Guide For Counsellors And Helping Professionals

Author: John & Julia McLeod

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