Practice to make a difference.

Experience, Contradiction, Narrative and Imagination

Selected papers of David Epston and Michael White.

The papers in this book cover a range of subjects including:

  • Personal reminiscence
  • Particular therapeutic practices
  • Practical approaches to various problems
  • Theoretical, political and philosophical considerations
  • Structures and issues pertaining to training and supervision
  • Processes of questioning in the co-authorship of preferred stories.

Michael White was one of the co-founders and co-directors of Dulwich Centre in Adelaide

David Epston, (MA, CQSW, D.Litt) is the co-director of The Family Therapy Centre and teaches at the School of Community Development, Unitec Institute of Technology. He is the co-author of Biting the hand that starves you: Inspiring resistance to anorexia/bulimia (2004), Playful approaches to serious problems (1997), Narrative means to therapeutic ends (1990), and many other publications. In 2002, he was recognized by a Special Award for Distinguished Contributions to Family Therapy by the ANZJFT, and in 2007, the American Family Therapy Academy presented him with the 'Distinguished Contribution to Family Therapy Theory and Practice' award.

Experience, Contradiction, Narrative and Imagination

Author: D Epston and M White

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