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Critical Issues in Child Welfare (Hardback book)

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What role can and should social work play in child welfare services? Responding to what many consider a crisis in the child welfare system, Critical Issues in Child Welfare is a comprehensive overview of the policies, programs, and practices that define the field, with an emphasis on the role of social work. Joan Shireman looks at the community context of child welfare, noting changes over time, and the role of social work in the development of services to children and families. Next, she establishes a framework for child welfare services and examines the complexities of the system and its relationships to public and voluntary agencies and the judicial system. Finally, the book surveys core services, including supportive services to families, child protection, foster care and other out-of-home care, adoption, and services to at-risk youth. Each chapter concludes with a section identifying and exploring a critical issue in child welfare services, such as family violence, permanency planning, racism in the system, child care, and the recruitment, education, and retention of child welfare workers


  • Acknowledgments
  • About the contributors
  • The context of child welfare services
  • A framework for child welfare services
  • The child welfare services system
  • Community services for children and families
  • Crisis interventions: Child protection and family preservation the nature and extent of child maltreatment.
  • Investment in foster care
  • Adoption
  • At-risk youth
  • Concluding thoughts
  • Index

Author Bio:

Joan Foster Shireman is emerita professor in the Graduate School of Social Work at Portland State University

Katherine Cahn is the director of the Northwest Institute for Children and Families at the School of Social Work, University of Washington

Karen Tvedt is the director of policy for Child Care Bureau, US dept. for Health and Human Services Washington

Charles Shireman is professor emeritus at the School of Social Services Administration University of Chicago


“It is substantively solid covering the major issues, historically and contemporarily. I think that it will serve as a solid go-to introductory text that will likely appeal to many social work programs” - Jennifer Bellamy, Professor of Social Work at the University of Houston.

Critical Issues in Child Welfare (Hardback book)

Author: Joan Shireman

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