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  • Different Dads: Father's Stories of Parenting Disabled Children

    Different Dads: Father's Stories of Parenting Disabled Children

    by Jill Harrison

    Fathers of disabled children can feel overlooked when the focus of much parenting support is aimed at mothers. Different Dads is a collection of personal testimonies written by fathers of children with a disability who reflect on their own experiences and offer advice to other fathers and families on the challenges of raising a child with a disability. The fathers featured represent a broad spectrum of experiences. Contributors are drawn from a wide range of cultures; some are single fathers, others are married adoptive fathers. What they all have...

  • Like Colour to the Blind: Soul Searching and Soul Finding

    Like Colour to the Blind: Soul Searching and Soul Finding

    by Donna Williams

    *No refund on this item - Was $49.95* *Reduced by 25% - Now $37.45* Beyond the world of Nobody Nowhere, Donna Williams found friendship and a sense of belonging in Somebody Somewhere. Now, in Like Colour to the Blind, Donna Williams enters the most exposing and fragile realm of human interaction: her relationship and eventual marriage with someone with whom she can 'simply be', a relationship she terms a 'special ship'. But loving involves exposure, and in a relationship that exposure is inescapable and everywhere. To truly love, Donna must...

  • Social Work in Rural Australia: Enabling Practice

    Social Work in Rural Australia: Enabling Practice

    by Jane Maidment and Uschi Bay

    Social work practice in a country town or small remote community several hours' drive from the nearest centre is very different from practice in the city. Social Work in Rural Australia offers an introduction to the challenges and rewards of professional practice in rural and remote areas. The authors explore the practical implications for social workers in non-urban regions, including teamwork with professionals from other fields, working with various sub-groups in communities and across distance with other social work colleagues, the diversity of rural livelihoods and lifestyles, and increasingly pressing...

  • The Disability Support Worker

    The Disability Support Worker

    by Geoff Arnott

    The Disability Support Worker is an Australian text providing a practical introduction to the role and responsibilities for workers providing crucial support to clients with a disability. *Features:* Practical exercises Integrate theory with practice and allow students to consolidate what they have learnt in the text Case studies that put the theory into practice; numerous examples provide students with a solid application of theory Summaries and self-check questions allow students the opportunity to review what has been learnt in each chapter Discussion questions provide an opportunity to reflect on key topics...