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Drug Addiction in Australia

This book is a comprehensive and clinically objective review of drug abuse and addiction in Australia. 

It is written to appeal to families, educators, policy makers, students, healthcare professionals and drug users. It is based on the knowledge and experience of Dr John Sherman and his clinic in Footscray, a western suburb of Melbourne. 

The book comprises a series of stories told through the eyes of drug addicts, their families, healthcare professionals, policy makers and legislators, law enforcement officials and researchers. It traces the history of drugs of dependence, community and government responses; the misuse of various prescriptions and other legally available pharmaceuticals and their impacts on: 

  • The health and welfare of users 
  • Their families and friends 
  • Society at large – including crime, societal dislocation, road and other trauma 
  • Cost of law enforcement, criminal justice, healthcare and workforce productivity 

Drug Addiction in Australia is a warts-and-all portrait of Australia's illicit drug problems. It is told through the raw experiences of people who have used, or are using drugs, and a variety of health professionals. World opinion is now starting to turn against drug prohibition. Yesterday's orthodoxy is increasingly on the defensive. Prohibition has failed abjectly by every measure except one: for decades prohibition has been politically effective. But even this is starting to change. Dr John Sherman's four decades trying to help drug users led him to do what he can to speed up drug law reform in Australia.

Author Bio:

Dr. John Sherman is acknowledged as a leader in the field of pharmacotherapy for drug addicts.  For more than four decades he has been helping drug addicts.  He has participated in government policy reviews and a strong advocate for law reform and new approaches to treatment.

Tom Valenta is an author, public relations consultant and former journalist. He tells not only his very personal story but the deeply moving experiences of thirteen other carers who have travelled similar journeys.

Drug Addiction in Australia

Author: John Sherman, Tom Valenta

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