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Dyslexia is My Superpower (Most of the Time)

In more than 100 interviews, children and young adults reveal their personal tips and tactics for honing the creative benefits of dyslexia, enabling them to thrive in school and beyond. Strategies include ways to develop confidence and self-belief. The contributors have outlined specific approaches they feel have helped them, and others that haven't. The book contains stunning illustrations by 8-18 year olds with dyslexia.

The first-hand accounts are inspiring in the way they normalise dyslexia and reveal the many success stories. There is an additional section for professionals who work in education or special learning environments, with advice given by school students themselves.

Market: Children with dyslexia, their teachers, training assistants, parents, and anyone working with young people with dyslexia.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • 1. Dyslexia is my Superpower
  • 2. Learning Compassion
  • 3. Gaining Role Models
  • 4. Being Different
  • 5. Making me Stronger
  • 6. Achieving my Goals
  • 7. Boosting Friendship
  • 8. Being Talented
  • 9. Getting Diagnosed
  • 10. Working Harder
  • 11. Support from School
  • 12. Support from Outside School
  • Handy Hints
  • Leah's List
  • More Useful Tips
  • What Teachers Shouldn't Do (According to the True Experts)
  • What Teachers Should Do (According to the True Experts)

Author Bio:

Margaret Rooke has 20 years' experience writing for national newspapers, magazines, regional newspapers and books. When Margaret's daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 13, Margaret began to write about and advocate for children with dyslexia.


What a wonderful book! Kudos to Margaret Rooke for helping bring the insights and wisdom of these remarkable young people to the world. Dyslexia is My Superpower is a great read for children and parents and teachers and classrooms.

Dyslexia is My Superpower (Most of the Time)

Author: Margaret Rooke

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