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Effective Supervision for the Helping Professions 2ed

Publish date: June 2014

Using features such as case studies, exercises and points for reflection, this is an ideal introduction to managing the supervisory relationship for both trainee and supervisor. This second edition of the book formerly titled Counselling Supervision now covers new and contemporary areas of supervision such as ethical maturity, insights into supervision from neuroscience, the organisational demands from the various contexts in which supervision takes place. It widens the concept of supervision to include professions such as coaching, organisational development consulting, counselling and psychology.


  • Preface
  • What is Supervision?
  • Voice, Identity and Power in Supervision
  • Managing the Supervisory Process
  • Forming the Supervisory Relationship
  • Restorative Supervision: Supporting the Supervisee
  • Ethics and Professional Practice in Supervision
  • The Role of the Organisation in Supervision
  • Learning from Supervision
  • Reflection and Critical Reflection in Supervision
  • The Six Levels of Reflection
  • The Storytelling Brain and Supervision
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix 1: The Supervisory Journey: A Memoir
  • References

Author Bio:

Michael Carroll, Ph.D. is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist. He is an accredited Executive Coach and an accredited Supervisor of Executive Coaches with APECS (Association for Professional Executive Coaches and Supervisors). Michael is Visiting Industrial Professor in the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol and the winner of the 2001 British Psychological Society Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology. Michael works with individuals, teams and organizations specializing in the theme of learning and wellbeing. He supervises, coaches and trains nationally and internationally and works within the private and public spheres. He runs the Centre for Supervision Training. He has trained in, written about and researched supervision for over 30 years, both supervising and being supervised. He has written, co-written and edited 10 books

Effective Supervision for the Helping Professions 2ed

Author: Michael Carroll

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