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Engaging the Disengaged: Inclusive Approaches to Teaching the Least Advantaged

Engaging the Disengaged addresses strategies and models of immersive teaching and learning that lead to successful schooling outcomes. The new Australian Curriculum emphasises the importance of improved educational participation. This book will equip pre-service teachers with the tools and strategies they need to successfully implement these priorities. Drawing together a diverse range of experts, this book offers innovative ways of thinking about student engagement. Addressing education across early primary, middle and secondary school levels, it explores how differences in culture, sexuality and wealth can alienate students, and examines challenges faced by schools in rural, remote and high-poverty settings. It also offers new ideas for engaging students in subjects such as mathematics, physical education and the arts. Contemporary, real-life case studies help connect theory to practice. Each chapter also includes learning objectives, further reading suggestions and a reflective closure, as well as a set of strategies for invigorating disadvantaged students.

  • Presents immersive teaching and learning approaches that lead to successful schooling outcomes for young people
  • A unique publication in the field of inclusive education
  • Written by experts in the field locally as well as internationally recognised scholars


  • Foreword: are the engaged really engaged? Shirley Steinberg
  • Introduction: exclusion: a habit that's hard to kick Roger Slee
  • Part I. The Digital Divide as a Tool for Inclusion:
  • 1. Accommodating new learning in different school cultures Greg Neal
  • 2. Digital nation and social inclusion/exclusion: rethinking the digital divide Nicola Yelland
  • Part II. Engagement in the Early Years:
  • 3. Early years – reconnecting families with pre-school education Andrea Nolan
  • Part III. Curriculum-Based Engagement:
  • 4. Let's leave the arts stuff till Friday afternoon – do the arts really matter? Tarquam McKenna
  • 5. You want me to teach maths?! Bringing joy and success to students and teachers through caring student-centered teaching of mathematics Colleen Vale and Sharon Livy
  • 6. The importance of physical education: how to promote healthy living in the classroom Anthony Watt
  • 7. Literacy: books? Who needs books anyway? It is not Kewl Mark Vicars
  • Part IV. Agents of Change and Student Wellbeing:
  • 8. Fostering collaborative partnerships with parents and external organisations: one school's approach Marcelle Cacciattolo
  • 9. Natural environments for learning – effecting change in classrooms and the community Cathryn Carpenter and Peter Burridge
  • 10. Sexualities – the ultimate outsiders – gays and lesbians queried? Mark Vicars and Tarquam McKenna
  • 11. Indigenous Australia: ontologies, epistemologies and pedagogies Davina Woods
  • 12. Positive education: pathways to achieving social and academic success Jeanne Carroll and Marcelle Cacciattolo
  • 13. Conclusion – purposeful, optimistic learning engagements Tarquam McKenna.


Tarquam McKenna, Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne

Marcelle Cacciattolo, Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne

Mark Vicars, Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne


Shirley Steinberg, Roger Slee, Greg Neal, Nicola Yelland, Andrea Nolan, Tarquam McKenna, Colleen Vale, Sharyn Livy, Anthony Watts, Mark Vicars, Marcelle Cacciattolo, Cathryn Carpenter, Peter Burridge, Davina Woods, Jeanne Carroll

Engaging the Disengaged: Inclusive Approaches to Teaching the Least Advantaged

Author: Tarquam McKenna

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