Practice to make a difference.

Everyday Community Practice: Principles and Practice

A practice-focused resource for community workers and students.

Increasingly students and practitioners in human services are asked or seek to include community engagement, participation and capacity building in their work with groups. In this book expert authors Amanda Howard and Margot Rawsthorne provide guidance on the theory and practice of working with communities, from preliminary planning and scoping before direct work with the community begins, through to evaluation. They explore key issues including developing an understanding of community life, facilitating and supporting community action, understanding and acting on structural inequity, managing negotiation and conflict, and building productive networks. They draw extensively on their own work with communities and research to create a dialogue with the reader on the interaction of task and process in everyday community practice.

Written in a friendly and accessible style and featuring the voices of community workers throughout, this is a vital guide for anyone seeking to encourage positive change in an important field of practice.


  • Foreword: Anti-oppressive community development
  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Moving beyond 'anything goes'
  • Chapter 3 Listening, loitering and learning
  • Chapter 4 Being visible and invisible
  • Chapter 5 Putting projects/work on the ground
  • Chapter 6 What change are we trying to achieve?
  • Chapter 7 Risk-taking and safety
  • Chapter 8 Networking, partnerships and collaboration
  • Chapter 9 Taking stock, endings and renewal
  • Chapter 10 Research on whether we make a difference and research to make a difference
  • Chapter 11 Why does everyday community practice matter?
  • Chapter 12 Exemplar projects
  • A final word
  • Acknowledgements
  • Useful resources
  • References
  • Index

Author Bio:

Amanda Howard is Associate Professor and Program Director, Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Sydney.

Margot Rawsthorne is Associate Professor at the University of Sydney and lead researcher at the Glebe Community Development Project. Amanda and Margot both teach, research and publish on community development.


“This is a splendid addition to the community work literature, offering wise and judicious guidance for those engaged knee-deep in community practice … it acknowledges that the increasing emphasis on individualised service options has too often led to the neglect of understanding the benefits of collective action within diverse and dynamic communities.” - Dr Winsome Roberts, Honorary Senior Fellow, Department of Social Work, University of Melbourne.

Everyday Community Practice: Principles and Practice

Author: Amanda Howard and Margot Rawst

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