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Flipping ADHD on Its Head: How to Turn Your Child's "Disability" into Their Greatest Strength

In Flipping ADHD on Its Head, Dr. Poole introduces and explores a holistic, integrated, and empowering approach to identifying and promoting the strengths of ADHD children by first flipping thinking about ADHD. Rather than framing ADHD as a disability, Dr. Poole encourages readers to see it as a normal, if somewhat challenging, way that a brain works. Rather than "fixing" readers, Dr. Poole wants them to focus on understanding and improving their behaviours in three areas: medical, behavioural, and educational.

Dr. Poole shares his own stories and those of his patients to help readers go from merely living with ADHD to thriving.

Author Bio:

Jim Poole, MD FAAP, clinical associate of Duke Health, founded FastBraiin in 2010 on the premise that individuals with ADHD have unique strengths in athletics, business, engineering, medicine, sales, the arts, and the classroom—wherever a quick and adaptable brain shines

Dr. Jim’s understanding of ADHD and the method of FastBraiin is the culmination of over 40 years of professional experience—listening to, learning from, and caring for ADHD children, youth, and adults. Dr. Jim graduated from Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, completed his paediatric residency at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso, TX, served as Chief of Paediatrics at the Army hospital in Stuttgart, Germany, and founded his current practice, Growing Child Paediatrics in Raleigh, NC. Today, Growing Child Paediatrics is an affiliate of Duke Health and one of the largest paediatric practices in North Carolina.


“I really liked his new perspective on ADHD. It turned the diagnosis around to be a positive thing, rather than negative. He views the impulsivity, distractibility, and hyperactivity associated with ADHD as creativity, curiosity, and energy instead. He gave some practical tips you can start using right away as far as discipline, parenting, and even nutrition that sets kids up for success. He gives advice on how to turn negative criticisms into positive messages that don’t crush a child’s natural spirit and energy but helps to harness it”

Flipping ADHD on Its Head: How to Turn Your Child's "Disability" into Their Greatest Strength

Author: Jim Poole

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