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Girls Without Limits: Helping Girls Achieve Healthy Relationships, Academic Success, and Interpersonal Strength

A girl’s relationships, social skills, academic abilities, career choice, self-concept, and confidence are all impacted and influenced by her experiences in adolescence. Her sense of self can influence the choices she will make related to academics, career and college planning, and social and dating relationships. Educators who work with and care about girls must recognize that the barriers to girls’ success occur on individual and systemic levels. Our society places clear value on certain types of behaviours for girls and boys, and many students feel pressured to adhere to these expectations. In many cases, these expectations hold girls back academically, in careers, and in relationships.

This book brings together extensive research, including the author’s own, on the wide array of issues affecting girls of diverse backgrounds. Hinkelman deconstructs the factors that influence the decision-making and performance of girls, and provides evidenced-based strategies to counteract the negative impact of these factors while reinforcing positive values and ideals. This book seeks to aid educators in affecting real improvement in the academic achievement, well-being, and success of the girls they instruct.


1. What's Really Going on For Girls and How Can We Help Them?
2. Girly Girls: Pretty, Pink, Skinny, and Sexy
3. Drama! Mean Girls and Real Housewives
4. Boys, Dating, and Danger
5. Looking Out for the Girls: Identifying and Preventing Sexual Violence
6. Smart Girls and Dumb Blondes
7. Lady Doctors and Male Nurses: Expanding Girls’ Career Aspirations
8. Girls’ Leadership in a Boy’s World
9. What Girls Want
10. What Girls Need

Author Bio:

Dr. Lisa Hinkelman is the Founder and Director of Ruling Our eXperiences, Inc.(ROX) a non-profit organization that delivers evidence-based empowerment programming to girls which started in 2006 in Columbus, Ohio, ROX has grown to a regionally operated organization with thousands of participants in urban, suburban, rural, and parochial schools. ROX is focused on equipping girls with the information and skills necessary to live healthy, independent, and violence-free lives. Hinkelman has spent years working with girls, parents, and educators in both educational and counselling settings and has been aggressively researching the experiences of diverse girls for the past seven years. She consults regularly for schools, organizations, and agencies on the critical issues impacting girls, bullying and relational aggression, child abuse and violence prevention, and other social, emotional, safety, and mental health issues facing students and schools. As a licensed professional counsellor, Dr. Hinkelman also operates Equip Your Mind, LLC, a counselling, consulting, research and evaluation practice in Columbus, Ohio.

Girls Without Limits: Helping Girls Achieve Healthy Relationships, Academic Success, and Interpersonal Strength

Author: Lisa Hinkelman

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