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Growing Up Book for Boys: What Boys on the Autism Spectrum Need to Know!

The Growing Up Book for Boys explains the facts behind the growth spurts, body changes and mood swings of adolescence for boys aged 9-14 on the autism spectrum. The pre-teen and teenage years are a confusing time when bodies start acting with a will of their own, friendships change and crushes start to develop. Using direct literal language and cool colour illustrations, this book tells boys all they need to know about growing hair in new places, shaving, wet dreams and unexpected erections. It's full of great advice on what makes a real friend, how to keep spots away, and how to stay safe online. Most importantly, it explains that everybody is amazing and unique and encourages young boys with autism to celebrate difference!


  • Advice for Parents and Professionals.
  • Introduction.
  • 1. Bodies.
  • 2. Hair.
  • 3. Boy Stuff.
  • 4. What Is Happening to My Penis?
  • 5. Hygiene.
  • 6. Clothes.
  • 7. Skin.
  • 8. Emotions.
  • 9. Crushes.
  • 10. Friends.
  • 11. The Internet.
  • 12. Your Body Belongs to You.
  • 13. I am Me. All I Ever Need to Be.
  • 14. What About the Girls?
  • Further Reading.

Author Bio:

Davida Hartman is a Senior Educational Psychologist in the Developmental and ASD Psychology Department for Carlow and Kilkenny, Irish Health Service Executive. She is a regular lecturer and trainer on sexuality and relationship education for children with ASD and consults to a number of different groups and agencies. She has been working with children and adolescents with ASD for thirteen years in the capacity of a psychologist and a teacher. Davida received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, her MA in Educational Psychology from University College Dublin, and she is a Registered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI).

Growing Up Book for Boys: What Boys on the Autism Spectrum Need to Know!

Author: Davida Hartman

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