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Handbook of Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused therapy is an increasingly popular approach, used by practitioners in a wide range of contexts and settings. Illustrating the breadth and depth of contemporary practice, the Handbook of Solution-Focused Therapy brings together contributions from leading practitioners in fields such as social work, education and health care to show how solution-focused techniques can be effective in many different situations.

Beginning with an introduction to the origins and theory of the approach, the book examines different areas of practice, explaining how and why the solution-focused approach is applicable and highlighting the issues specific to each context. Each chapter features a case-example, which demonstrates the practical advantages and difficulties, involved in using the solution-focused approach.

The Handbook of Solution-Focused Therapy is an ideal text for training courses in solution-focused therapy and a source of new ideas for practitioners trained in other approaches who want to integrate solution-focused techniques with their existing practice.

Handbook of Solution-Focused Therapy

Author: Bill O'Connell and Stephen Pal

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