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Happiness in a Nutshell

Over 500,000 copies sold!

Andrew’s bestselling pocket book, featuring his most popular quotes… Humorous and easy to read.

Features 40 of Andrew Matthews’ cartoons.


Happiness in a Nutshell deals with the issues we all deal with:

  • overcoming disappointment
  • depression
  • difficult relationships
  • eliminating worry
  • embracing change
  • setting and reaching our goals
  • finding peace of mind.

Says author Andrew Matthews, “We don’t always need NEW information. We just need to be reminded about things we already know!”

“Happiness is not an accident. It is a decision we make.”

Happiness in a Nutshell features 40 of Andrew Matthews’ best loved cartoons.

The pocket book Happiness in a Nutshell is a companion to Andrew Matthews million sellers

  • Being Happy!
  • Follow Your Heart.

Andrew’s other bestsellers include

  • How Life Works
  • Happiness Now
  • Being a Happy Teen

Author Bio:

Andrew Matthews books are published in 43 languages. They are prescribed to patients by psychologists and psychiatrists world wide. His books are used by life coaches and sporting coaches including world famous golfing coach David Leadbetter.

Andrew Matthews runs happiness workshops around the world and he has addressed over 1,000 international corporation on enjoying life and work.

Andrew Matthews lives in Australia with his wife, Julie.


Happiness in a Nutshell

Author: Andrew Matthews

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