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How to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control!: Super Powers to Help Younger Children to Regulate their Emotions and Senses

Meet Self-Control, a superhero who wants to teach young children his super powers of self-control! Anxiety, frustration, anger, and other difficult feelings won't stand a chance against their new-found powers. Self-Control teaches children with emotional and sensory regulation difficulties aged approximately 4-7 how to calm themselves using self-massage, deep pressure, breathing exercises, and activities such as making an imaginary list and finding their own peaceful place.

This illustrated book also features an appendix with photocopiable super power charts, reinforcers, and reminder tools to ensure that parents, teachers and other professionals can support children in upholding superhero strategies even after the book has been read.


  • 1. Part 1: For Kids. All About Me: Self-Control!. How This Book Works.
  • 2. Section One: Frustration.
  • Super Power #1: Deep Breath.
  • Super Power #2: Make a Mantra!.
  • Super Power #3: Use Your Words.
  • 3. Section Two: Anxiety.
  • Super Power #4: Give Yourself a Hug!.
  • Super Power #5: Crumple Up Your Worries!.
  • Super Power #6: Throw Away Your Worries!.
  • Super Power #7: Worry Box.
  • 4. Section Three: Sensory Processing.
  • Super Power #8: Push Your Wiggles!.
  • Super Power #9: Squish Your Wiggles!.
  • Super Power #10: Squeeze Your Wiggles!.
  • Super Power #11: Cocoon.
  • 5. Section Four: Anger Management.
  • Super Power #12: Stop Sign.
  • Super Power #13: Make a List!.
  • 6. Section Five: Emotional Regulation.
  • Super Power #14: Take Yourself to a Peaceful Place Inside.
  • Super Power #15: Head Massage. You Made it, Kid!.
  • 7. Part 2: For Adults. Acknowledgements. Tips to Make the Most of the Activities and Strategies in this Book.
  • Appendix 1: Reminder Bracelets.
  • Appendix 2: Super-Control Diplomas (Specific to Super-Power).
  • Appendix 3: Super-Control Diploma (For all 15 Super-Powers).
  • Appendix 4: Desk Strip/Table Strip Reminders.
  • Appendix 5: At a Glance Charts.

Author Bio:

Lauren Brukner is a Senior Occupational Therapist who lives in New York City with her husband and three children, two of whom have emotional and sensory integration difficulties. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and s a Master's of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from New York University. She specializes in sensory integration and self-regulation strategies in children and young people, and their implementation in home, school and community settings. She has postgraduate training in neuroscience, sensory integration theory and practice, occupational health sciences, and physiological approaches to Occupational Therapy practice, and is also a Certified Screener for Irlen Syndrome and Scotopic Sensitivity. She provides services and workshops to a broad range of school staff, including general and special education teachers, speech language therapists, counsellors, and paraprofessionals. Lauren won the gold seal in the Mom's Choice Awards, 2016 for family friendly media, products and services.

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Hard cover

112 Page

How to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control!: Super Powers to Help Younger Children to Regulate their Emotions and Senses

Author: Lauren Brukner

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