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Inspiring Creative Supervision

This book explains how to use the imagination, relaxation, meditation, visualisation and props such as toys or drawings to move supervisees away from conscious thought and into the power of play. The authors explain how such a creative approach encourages supervisees to explore the issues they are facing freely, and in doing so bring about powerful new insights. They draw together theory, research and practical exercises, and provide ideas for setting up and running creative supervision sessions, including how to get started and what tools and props are needed. The ideas and techniques outlined in this book will serve as a springboard for supervisors in many different contexts to work differently, and more effectively, with their supervisees. This book will be of interest to expressive arts therapists, social workers, psychologists, mental health workers, and anyone else working in a supervisory role.


  • Introduction: Bringing Creativity into Supervision.
  • Creating Inspiration.
  • Toys and the Sub-conscious.
  • Visualisation, Drawings and the Imagination.
  • The Power of the Spoken-written Word.
  • Picture Postcards and Seashells.
  • The Body Tells a Story.
  • The Use of Self.
  • Life Without a Supervisor.
  • Getting Started.
  • Bibliography.
  • Further Reading.
  • Index.

Author Bio:

Caroline Schuck is a qualified supervisor with a background in humanistic psychotherapy. She teaches supervision skills at the University of Westminster, works one to one, runs groups and co-facilitates supervision workshops for the London Deanery.

Jane Wood is an educator and qualified supervisor. She teaches supervision skills in London and in Japan both in colleges and at universities. She supervises groups and individuals internationally. She is a self-taught artist and has illustrated this book.

Inspiring Creative Supervision

Author: Caroline Schuck and Jane Wood

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