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Keeping a Mindful Journal

The health and wellbeing benefits of journaling are well-documented, stemming from work of James Pennebaker at the University of Texas. This book explains the researched benefits of mindful journaling. Drawing on the author’s extensive writing experience, it is a thorough, practical exploration of how to use journaling positively, and how actually to break through the barriers and write.

Topics include:

  • Where to start
  • Writing your experience
  • Recording key moments – or ‘steppingstones’
  • Dealing with writer’s block
  • Free writing and how to use it
  • Other techniques such as recording and listing
  • Letter writing and creativity
  • How to integrate keeping a journal with the mindful practice of letting go

Author Bio:

Philip Cowell is a writer, poet and mindfulness practitioner and trainer. He runs mindfulness-based stress reduction courses and workshops in London.


Keeping a Mindful Journal

Author: Philip Cowell

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