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Kite of Life: From intergenerational conflict to intergenerational alliance

Intergenerational conflict brings with it significant challenges, conflict can be especially complex in refugee and migrant communities, where old and young people alike have to negotiate the ways of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ countries. Sometimes, these challenges can lead to seemingly intractable and irresolvable differences. This publication introduces a new collective narrative methodology, the Kite of Life, which was developed during a project in St James Town, Canada’s most densely populated community. Also described here are nine key principles which can help to build intergenerational alliances.


  • Part 1: The Kite of Life
  • Part 2: Key principles in building intergenerational alliances
  • Locating problems in their broader social context
  • Eliciting special knowledges
  • Richly describing actions of common purpose
  • Tracing storylines of mutual contribution
  • Creating room to move around the concept of ‘respect’
  • Sharing skills and positively implicating others
  • Using documentation and different mediums
  • Hosting ceremonies of definition
  • Enabling contribution
  • Part 3: Reflections from participants
  • Part 4: Where to from here?
  • Appendix: the timeline for this project
  • Acknowledgements, notes and references
Kite of Life: From intergenerational conflict to intergenerational alliance

Author: David Denborough

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