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Let's Talk Relationships: Activities for Exploring Love, Sex, Friendship and Family with Young People 2ed

Let's Talk Relationships offers a multitude of creative ways to get young people aged 13-19 talking about positive relationships, helping them to stay safe, healthy and happy. Ideal for groups or one-to-one work, this resource features over 90 tried and tested activities.

Focusing on peer friendships, personal relationships and family dynamics, issues covered include peer pressure, relationship bullying, decision-making, managing conflict at home, and family values. Activities come complete with photocopy worksheets and include ideas for storyboard work, games, role-play and quizzes, as well as suggestions for creative projects including drama, music and art activities. They are designed to build assertiveness skills, encourage young people to make positive choices and help them to talk about their feelings. This second edition is fully updated and contains over ten new activities in each of the five sections.

This is an invaluable resource for all those working with young people, including youth workers, teachers and voluntary sector youth leaders, helping them to make sessions valuable, educational and enjoyable.

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Let's Talk Relationships: Activities for Exploring Love, Sex, Friendship and Family with Young People 2ed

Author: Vanessa Rogers

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